Dump Truck Bread Pudding

Bread Pudding – A great use for stale bread! (Sorry bout all those carbs though) (not really). I had a loaf of french bread, actually I still have part of it, that I didn’t end up using a couple weekends ago, so I let it stale up real good because I knew I wanted to make […]

Someday I'll get better at taking pictures

Virginia Apple Pudding for the Pregnant

So, I’m pregnant with a lot of free time on my hands, so that of course means two things: 1) I’m bored out of my mind. 2) I’m hungry all the time. While I’ve got a handful of really awesome personal recipes under my belt, I was interested in filling out this free time with trying […]

Tomato Basil Soup and Grilled Cheese with Caramelized Onion 1

There are two things I miss about Michigan. #1 Lightening Bugs. They are the most magnificent little creatures. Tiny pin pricks of light suspended in darkness, mirrors of night sky above, softly glowing, tangible evidence of the magic in mother nature. They also look super cool exploding on your windshield, mother nature’s tossed cigarette butt. […]

Soup and Sammie Time!

So many first dates

Cheese and Polyamory

You’re probably wondering what the two have to do with each other. You’re probably lucky your mind doesn’t work the way mine does. I was sitting at home recently, trying to think of the best way to describe my taste in cheese, because what else would one do on a Saturday night, and it finally […]

Episode 1 – The IPA Style; Boundary Bay IPA

I’m a beer geek. I’m also a poetry nerd who is addicted to writing Shakespearean sonnets. In punishment for your many sins, I will be inflicting both of my obsessions upon you, my helpless readers. For I am Phil Rose (or Doctor Hazelnut)…   The Beer Sonnetteer    EPISODE 1 The IPA Style; Boundary Bay […]

Plate o' Happiness

If you give a Liz a house to sit, we’re going to have a party

Sometimes our friends go on vacation and ask Liz to housesit. And then we do what anyone would do in that situation: invite over mutual friends for a dinner party. Leesah and Jack went to Ireland (those lucky bitches) for a bit and had Liz housesit while they were away (that lucky bitch). So of […]


It seems fitting that our first post be entitled MURDERCABIN. Tiny Spatula invited eight of our friends out to a cabin we’d rented near Leavenworth, WA for a weekend of hot tubbin’, eatin’, and, of course, drankin’. The cabin we rented had an open floor plan and an even more open yard that possessed a […]

Caramel tumbleweeds and a frowny face says DUST BOWL to me!!

MLF Paradise Cheese

Mountain Lodge Farm

Mountain Lodge Farm is the first, and so far only, farmstead creamery that I have visited. They have an open house once a month (I don’t know if this is yearlong or not) where you can go visit, pet some goats, try their cheeses, talk to the cheesemaker, and tour the farm. It is an […]

Welcome to Tiny Spatula Catering Company

Some things to note: We are not a real catering company. We are, however, hilarious. Rosie is a professional cheese monger for Mt Townsend Creamery and has degrees in Gender Studies, something I can’t remember, and Pastry. I, Liz, just love to cook, bake, and play hostess to the oddities I call friends. Most of […]

This is A Liz, doin' tha bidness.