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Episode 1 – The IPA Style; Boundary Bay IPA

I’m a beer geek. I’m also a poetry nerd who is addicted to writing Shakespearean sonnets. In punishment for your many sins, I will be inflicting both of my obsessions upon you, my helpless readers. For I am Phil Rose (or Doctor Hazelnut)…   The Beer Sonnetteer    EPISODE 1 The IPA Style; Boundary Bay […]

If you give a Liz a house to sit, we’re going to have a party

Sometimes our friends go on vacation and ask Liz to housesit. And then we do what anyone would do in that situation: invite over mutual friends for a dinner party. Leesah and Jack went to Ireland (those lucky bitches) for a bit and had Liz housesit while they were away (that lucky bitch). So of […]

Plate o' Happiness

This is A Liz, doin' tha bidness.

Welcome to Tiny Spatula Catering Company

Some things to note: We are not a real catering company. We are, however, hilarious. Rosie is a professional cheese monger for Mt Townsend Creamery and has degrees in Gender Studies, something I can’t remember, and Pastry. I, Liz, just love to cook, bake, and play hostess to the oddities I call friends. Most of […]