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There are two things I miss about Michigan.

#1 Lightening Bugs. They are the most magnificent little creatures. Tiny pin pricks of light suspended in darkness, mirrors of night sky above, softly glowing, tangible evidence of the magic in mother nature. They also look super cool exploding on your windshield, mother nature’s tossed cigarette butt.

#2 Thunderstorms. When I first moved to Seattle and experienced my first Sea-town thunderstorm, my boss at the time had a panic attack, started crying, and had to run off the floor to the back to cower in a corner until it was over. I also could have cried, but less from a fear that I’d be brutally murdered by electricity and more from the rich smell, the light, the loud cracks, and memory of home. My first six months here were some of the worst of my life, but now I can’t imagine myself ever leaving the Emerald City.

Immerse Me Blender!

Immerse Me Blender!

Last week brought on one of the rare Seattle thunderstorms and all I could think about was tomato soup and grilled cheese. The taste was in my mouth, the scent was in my nostrils, the color was in my eyes the moment I realized what needed to be done. I also had a new immersion blender I needed to try out, so there’s that. I used this recipe from Chris over at Shared Appetite, a fantastic blog I recommend everyone check out, for the tomato basil soup with a couple alterations. One thing Rosie and I agree on (besides the fact that no one should wear pants in the comfort of their own home) is that if it says put _ amount of garlic in, you double it, maybe triple it, because garlic is the best, better than all the rest. I also was craving a lil spice to my soup so I tossed in some cayenne and some red pepper flakes, just a hint, no burning sensation required and it came out just lovely.

Fresh French Bread, Gouda Cheese, Basil

Fresh French Bread, Gouda Cheese, Basil

No recipe needed for grilled cheese. You get cherself some phat bread, slice it thick, slather that sexy bish in some butter on both sides, grate some cold cheese – I used gouda because it’s so a-goooda! (shut up), throw that cheese (too much cheese) on your bread, top with caramelized onions (bacon too if you’re a lil dirty), and pop that sucker in a 425 degree oven. Flip that shiz half way through and press down a bit with the spatula so the onions get  all up in that cheese. Came out golden brown and delicious. Assemble your soup in a bowl and sprinkle a lil Parmesan on top if you’re feeling fancy. If you’re one of those sweet, dainty people who does not dip their grilled cheese in their tomato soup, GET THE FUCK OUT. I don’t truck with your disgusting kind because you CLEARLY have no taste.

Soup and Sammie Time!

Soup and Sammie Time!

This meal is best consumed in dim light, during a thunderstorm, and with a significant other who’s breath will also smell like tomatoes and garlic.

Side note: I had a really hard time not writing Thun-Dar Storms.


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