Virginia Apple Pudding for the Pregnant

So, I’m pregnant with a lot of free time on my hands, so that of course means two things:

1) I’m bored out of my mind.
2) I’m hungry¬†all the time.

While I’ve got a handful of really awesome personal recipes under my belt, I was interested in filling out this free time with trying out new dishes and getting out of my comfort zone. Not to mention satisfying my already strong sweet tooth that pregnancy is only making stronger.

So last night I decided I was going to make a peach cobbler. Fast forward through one hilarious conversation with my husband about how he hates most fruit and thinks peaches are icky for some reason, and I decide on this nice recipe find: Virginia Apple Pudding. I’d never even heard of this dish before, but my husband likes apple desserts, so this made the cut.

Virginia Apple Pudding - apples

Virginia Apple Pudding – apples

Recipe called for 2 cups of chopped apple, which I was somehow able to get from one large red delicious apple. RAD. The two remaining will just have to be okay with being juiced. :\ I checked out the reviews (like I always do), and found that people were mostly really satisfied with the immediate flavor of the dish. I started mixing everything together and found it quite good, but decided to go ahead and add a tiny splash of vanilla extract because…well…vanilla extract.

Chopped up the apple and threw it together with some cinnamon and tossed it in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Mmm, steamy delicious cinnamon-y apples. I could’ve eaten that alone as my dessert.

Virginia Apple Pudding - apples and cinnamon

Virginia Apple Pudding – apples and cinnamon

The original recipe called for just dumping the cinnamon apples into the center of the batter then baking, but many people in the comments said it was better to stir them all together. AND SO I DID. And I have no regrets.

Virginia Apple Pudding - ready to bake

Virginia Apple Pudding – ready to bake

I popped this bad boy into the oven for 30 minutes, et voila! Delicious baked apple goodness that is not at all my definition of pudding! Not disappointed. This is exactly what we both wanted.

Virginia Apple Pudding - finished product

Virginia Apple Pudding – finished product

We cut it up and served it warm with old fashioned vanilla ice cream and some caramel sauce we had lying around. It was -AMAZING-. Just had another serving of leftover apple deliciousness this evening, and I think it’s even better on day two.

That was an easy first try on the recipe front, but one I will definitely store for future dinners. It ruled. At some point I’ll get the cajones to try my hand at something serious like tofu pumpkin curry (I’m originally from Texas, this won’t be easy to handle). Wish me luck!

PS: Cooking music for this round: Anita O’Day Pandora Station

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